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Mental Slave Lyrics

Foflexx – Mental Slave Lyrics

Let me make you proud bra!
It’s your boy Foflexx. Yeah!
Yoh! Check it! Yoh!

Maybe I'm scared of the spotlight
I'm scared of the fast life
I'm scared of the interviews, fuck it! Who knows?
I've been underground all my life its too comfy
Nobody tell me what to do, daz’ why I mean muggin’
Maybe I'm tryna dodge a media, flashlights & cameras
But my God knows I was born to be a superstar!

Maybe I'm scared to hear my songs gettin’ played on radio
I'm scared to see my face showin’ up on your TV screen
I'm scared to hear your girl scream my name while yu watchin’ me
Maybe I'm scared to disappoint everyone who look up to me
All these maybes are the gestures of being Skeptical, Typical, Cynical Yoh!
Life is difficult

Know your Pros and Cons and try to stick to your protocols
Realest shit I ever wrote I'm tryna make sense
No time for mambo-jumbo here I'm tryna make sense
Forget that ‘Life is hard’ the whole album was whack
We turned the city up when we dropped the ‘Penetration’
Five men circle like expendables
Now its one man standin’ foès you better check the news
My back against the wall cause it's me against the world
I can conquer anything respect the God that we serve
I'm ahead with my trudge I know this path full o' curves
I tell my brains to chill every time I smoke my herbs
I rap to kill em all while you niggers Trap & Dub

Better watch yourselves, my shit is cookin’ in the lab
Don't you tryna trip your bitch is dancin’ on my lap
Maybe I'm scared of Jozi-Life, nightclubs and the fancy life
Better raise your hands if you think I'm on some shit!
They said I couldn't make it cause first I had to fake it
This shit is like a heart you have to mend it if you break it
This shit is like a wife you have to keep it if you take it
This shit is like a life you have to hate it you have to love it

I'm true on the microphone, a reason why I left the school
My aim was to keep it cool, a crib with a swimming pool
Few toys on the deck but I'm in love with a Jaguar
You don't like me n***a tough luck, with your girl its a different story
On Instagram she's posin’ for me, several times she posted on me
She's diggin’ me more, I'm sorry homie I probably make her feel important
Enough about your girl pay attention Flexx is back!
I'm straight like a ruler, I don't fuck with a cougar

I'd rather be fuckin’ with em hood-rats they know where the cheese at
They always keep it comin’, and still call me poppy
It's haze it must be Hubble, I was sacred I'd overdose when I'm exposed to all o' those
I mean Cocaine, Alcohol, crackin’ Drugs and bangin’ hoes
Dazz a letter to the grave when you start to bleed your nose
I rather keep my distance I mean that for instance, middle finger up
I point at you with an index, I squeeze that Brrrr I take your life nigga instant

Murder be the case that’s a Jury in my face, first degree murder life-sentence in my face. I'm out with a parole go and catch another case
Music fix me up when I'm sad like a drug
I spit that godly verse so don't forget who's in charge
I always pray to God but I hang around with em thugs
I had to earn respect it was never given to me
Look me in the eyes you'll see the pain if you lookin’ through me
You'll even want to cry if you’re one of people who ever knew me

What’s done is done we move on, lemme put my shoes on
Wrong and wrong is too wrong. I should just get my groove on
No matter inside I'm too torned, I never fall back I'm too strong
I'm dancin’ to my new song, bottom-line music, 3rd world exclusive
I'm ‘bout to reach my limit, and pain my colors vivid
My flow is so exquisite, I grab this mic & squeeze it

Mentally I'm not okay, in front of God I'm still a Saint. What y'all n***as hate me for? You never heard me spit before
Prophecy all the way from God
Slaughter niggers with my sword, Sippin’ Vodka when I'm bored
I'm never here so where I'm gone? I'm tryna reach my destiny
Disappoint my enemies
I know I know my identity, potential with persistence
Source tell me the purpose is, Flexx the Beat
Terrorist, I work on it I'm a specialist
These n***as got some ovaries
I don't get it what the problem is
You should know who Jehovah is, who's the best? You know I'm is
I said it right, don't look amazed
This flow is so legendary don't take this personal
Even in the industry nobody'll ever clone me
Even on the microphone nobody'll ever stop me

Why should I join them, if I beat them?
You think I'm insane? bring the beat back
Your family in shame if you disagree with that
Been livin’ in chains, but fuck I'm here now
I'm spittin’ thee flames I'm on dragon mode now

Let's take it to the Local who's the realest and the Illest?
To me it's Foflexx, BlakLez, A-reece, Nasty C, Proverb, Stogie T and Kwesta
Big shout out to the G.MOBB, we vowed to never stand back
Remember when we shot the video under the bridge, everybody used to yell our name in the streets
But I'm glad I went solo now I'm 'bout to get a promo
Been busy puttin’ work while I keep it on the low-low
I'm Gangster by nature middle finger to them paw paws
I'm here to get my cheese ain't got no time to fuck with broke hoes!

(We got a hyena!!!)

Yah! It’s your boy Foflexx

The illest rapper with no Rolex!

You n**er ain’t! You niggers running a flagger on a complex. Stand down? No I protest

(We got a hyena!!!)
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