Heh heh - gits pretty lonely round here...
Nothin' 'cept me and my gators...
I'm goin' to git me some o' that city hot horse... Yeah, huh huh some...
Yeah huh huh good fishin' round here... 'n' I'm just an anchovy chaser
Frisky young colt with a passion for pleasure seeks foamy filly with a
Sense of danger
I mo go git me some of that hot horse
Stick that apple pie into de oven... I need somethin' to chew on
An' don't talk with yo' mouth full... Ah'm goin' go git me some o' that hot horse
Stick that gudgeon into de dungeon
Stick that cheesecake into ma freezer
Gimme a dollom o' that trollope, baby
Ah'm goin' go git me some O' your hot horse
Killin' shrimp with a crowbar in a barbed wire canoe
Frisky young colt seeks distempered tuna
I mo go git me some O' that hot horse
Yeah some hot horse... Mmm, I like it... Goddamn good lookin bitch...
D'ya come here often?... You're a foamy filly... Grow up fast in the city...
Good fishin' round here...
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Hot Horse Lyrics

Foetus – Hot Horse Lyrics

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