I don't want to wait here much longer
I don't want to stay in this store front accident
I don't want to get to know your
Better way of life to feel good
Better get the shit together
To make a change, make me go on

And now I see the real side that is me

It's getting closer, closer

I'm taking this whole world above
'cause I'm over this one
I'm breaking this whole world apart
'cause I'm over.....this one

I don't want to wish on a dead star
I don't want to fall behind this two bit universe
I'm just gonna keep on walkin
Try to keep the fools from talking
Gotta get the thought's together
To make a change, make me move on

And know I see the real way I can be
It's coming closer, closer

Talk to me, let me know that I'm here
Stay with me, let me know I exist
Talk to me, I'm begging for tomorrow
Stay with me, let me know
'cause I don't have all the answers
Don't know who to follow
I'm begging for tomorrow
To she'd some light my way.
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Dead Star Lyrics

Flybanger – Dead Star Lyrics