You don't smile anymore
When I come home to you
We don't even talk much anymore,
Is it through
Please understand
All the feelings lost the truth
If you're unhappy now
Please go
I don't want you to

[Verse 2:]
Cuz I was never out to hurt you
Or to deceive you
You baby one day you'll realize
And If you wanna go away
Then I won't mind
Theres nothing left for me
To say.

And if
If we loved each other once
Then maybe
We could learn to love again
So If there is a chance
To find the love that we lost
Then let's give it one last try

[Verse 3:]
Please don't blame
Because you know that there's no one to blame
We both have changed through the years
Nothing stays the same
There's little hope for us
Still each night I pray
That someday our love
Will somehow find a way

[Verse 4:]
Cuz I don't even care about
About mr. Right
I don't even care if you see me cry
Cuz I would hate to see us part ways
To let love die
So please give us one last try


So lets give it one last try (3x)
Oh one last try
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One Last Try Lyrics

Fly Spanish – One Last Try Lyrics

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