Rub two sticks together, you don't always get a fire
But I thought the spark we made was alright
And I have to say, I thought you'd be here by my side
Just don't like singing about you like you'd died
Don't like singing about you
Like you'd died

You might as well of though, the way I felt for ages
I'm still uncurling
Still checking out what's hurting
Well tell me is it terminal? Oh God, I really hope not
Cause I just turned 27 and there's so much road to
Although you were so beautiful
I got a road I wanna travel

So don't apply a tourniquet, don't start resuscitation

For interal bruises
Check first aid for losers
My heart is just a silly plant, it grows towards the
I'm gonna have to trick it, and turn the porchlight on
I'm gonna have to trick it soon, and turn the
Porchlight on

Well the sun is high today but the wind has got the
It's iciness is taunting me to rattle my cage
I'm gonna walk down to the corner
Or even a little bit further
Wearing all the clothes I own but I'm not wearing any
Wearing all the clothes I own
But I'm not wearing any of your shit

You can put me in your pipe and smoke me
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Smoke Me Lyrics

Fly My Pretties – Smoke Me Lyrics

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