Cooler than Coolio, stay in the studio
Flyer than Peter Pan when I'm pushin' that Rufio
It's that Stone Mountain ceo, wishin' that you was me
Girls on the tour bus, keep that ratio two or three
Fly as I want, A-Town put 'em up
East side till I die, Like we don't give a fuck
Keep your mouth so shut, talk is cheap
'Bino been here, y'all been sleep
'Bino hot and we know this
Fuck the rest, we've been chosen
Keepin' up with these Joneses
Still stunt with these hoes-es
So street like Elmo, so street like Elmo
'Bino ain't the coldest? Man, you funny like my elbow
Always on some other shit, stupid like my type of rich
Damn, what kind of life is this? I'm driven like some licenses

Let they head nod when the beat go in
I'mma wait till the beat go in
You so sophisticated
Shout out to those who hated
Kill a rapper, try to spit at me, that's suicide
Gambino forever, and Royalty is do or die

[Verse 2:]
Shotgun, blast that when I pass through
When I do things in that uk, and I fucks mane with that Flux mane
Bino flow so honest, your check ain't got no commas
But I ain't got no worries like Adele my baby mama
I'm blown off that indo, blown off that indo
Told y'all I would blow up that shit happened like I said so
You see it, I got it
I want it, I buy it
I do it, you tryin'
This yo girl? You lyin'


I'mma wait till the beat go in
I'mma wait till the beat go in
Let they head out when the beat go in
I'mma wait till the beat go in
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Do Or Die Lyrics

Flux Pavillion – Do Or Die Lyrics

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