Along a dreaming ocean.

Coral banks of the eternal desire
Pass away before my eyes.

And across I walk so [...] a romance
The flames of [...] dream
Cycling, dragging, the eternal winds
Where some... the worms and sand
The eternal winds gloaming now
At your feet on carrying sand... color

Along a dreaming ocean
I've been looking for you
To find the island
Your heart is lying on,
To find the many [...]
That I could understand you.

The dreams of romance, sweetness and desire
A scarlet fire to travel in me
A scarlet's trips a passing my heart
The long hair that lava floods
Dreaming to your pending dress
My [...] bloody, bloody sun
This skin dreaming the color
And so passing myself
And I dream in your arms
And the ocean [...] someday when
And you're lovely back
[...] trips
Your hands are combing my hair.
When I'm in your arms


I've never understood
Why you doubt trusting my love.

And I dream of the red lava floods
At the ocean of the scarlet sun
The beautiful lovely red flames
In your arms
In your arms
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Along A Dreaming Ocean Lyrics

Flowing Tears And Withered Flowers – Along A Dreaming Ocean Lyrics

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