Drank away the rest of the day
Wonder what my liver'd say
Drink, that's all you can.

Blackened days with their bigger gales
Blow in your parlor to discuss the day
Listen, that's all you can

Ah but don't, no don't sink the boat
That you need, you built to keep afloat

Sick and tired of what to say
No one listens anyway
Sing, that's all you can
Ramblin' years of lousy luck,
You miss the smell of burnin' turf,
Dream, that's all you can.


Singled out for who you are
It takes all types to judge a man
Feel, that's all you can
Filthy suits with bigot ears
Hide behind their their own worst fears
Live, that's all you can
It's all you can
It's all you can... do

No matter where I put my head
I'll wake up feeling sound again
Breathe that's all you can
Tomorrow smells of a less decay
The flowers greet this bloomin' fray
Be thankful, that's all you can


A ripe old age
That's what I am
A ripe old age
Just doin' the best I can
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Float Lyrics

Flogging Molly – Float Lyrics