J - Lives are like retractable pencils
B - If you push 'em too far, they're gonna break.
J - And people are like paper dolls, mmmhmm yeah
B - Paper dolls and people, they're the similar shape

Both - Love is like a roll of cellotape
Real good for making two things one
J - But just like that roll of cellotape
Love sometimes breaks off before you're done

B - Another way that love is similar to Cellotape, that
I've noticed
Is sometimes it's hard to see the end

J - Ain't that the truth, my friend
B - You search on the roll (search on the roll)
Search on the roll (search on the roll)
Search on the roll with your fingernail
Again and again and again and again...
And again...

Both - Brown paper, white paper,
Stick it together with cellotape, uh huh.
Ooooh yeah
Brown paper white paper,
Stick it together with cellotape,.
J - Oooo, that sticky stuff

*Mucho funky guitar strumming and humming goes on
Here... *

J - People people paper paper paper paper people people
People people pencil pencil pencil pencil paper paper
Put the pencil to the paper give the paper to the
Let the people read about the cellotape, oh baby

*Loud and screaching*
Come on! Come on, baby,

B - *Spoken* You know Jemaine, recently I've, um, I've
Been I've been thinking about love, about mutual love,
That sort of love where two, you know two people, they
Love each other equally, like the love you have with,
You know, with a loved one. And it's an equal love, and
You give love equally, and it's, it's a feeling that's
Uh, it's amazing, it's this sort of, it's probably
That, you know, it's a wonderful thing. It's love at
It's best, it's love, you know, it's, uh, it's, you
Know, it's probably the strongest adhesive available.

J - Looooong pause and deep breath *Spoken* "Full on"

Both - Ooooooh, yeah, ooooooooh yeah,
What a feeling, O, can you feel it
Stick it together, oh, stick it together
Stick it together, yeah, stick, stick it together
Oh, yeah.
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Pencils In The Wind Lyrics

Flight Of The Conchords – Pencils In The Wind Lyrics