my, name's Tony On. behalf of myself and the coachline I'd like to thank you for choosing to drive with us today I'm. a local I, hope I can impart some local knowledge If. you've got any questions don't hesitate just, sing out For. those who are interested there's, the Old Bridge swaying, away Replaced. by the New Bridge in 1972 Funny. thing the, Old Bridge used to be called the New Bridge Yeah. bit, of a funny thing Up. ahead there's the bronze of Bluey a, local sheepdog who, became a member of Regional Council It. was a bloody great day for dogs not, just here but, everywhere in the North Island There's. the town's oldest street That's. the Museum of Meat There's. the town's largest industry that's, the sock factory hence, the giant sock ".Sings

*The* town hall Note
the mosaic wall Well
there, are 5 600, tiles on that wall I
know I, counted them all The
local school the, local swimming pool Which,
was opened by the Governor General Back,
in 1952 Where
I was caught with a friend aged 11 sniffing, tractor fuel We
thought we were pretty cool breaking, them changing she'd rules But

do you see up there The?
banner hanging in the air The?
Presbyterian Fair Well
I, never go there's, too many Presbyterians there But
if you're interested the, fair's in the third weekend of August every year But
don't bother entering the raffle It's,
always won by some kid of the Mayor Do

you hear that sound The?
town clock heard, from anywhere in town Until,
1960 it, was a little place in Norway We
bought it for a hundred pounds Rumor
has it they sold it cheap because the chimes were too loud But
every time I hear that sound it makes me so proud Look

to your left what, a beautiful sight It's,
Paula Paula, Thompson nee, Paula Wright Look.
at her hair it's, still gorgeous even, now Flowing.
like the Womahonga River Which,
incidently is, to your right And.
it's the largest in, the area In
terms of volume Everybody.
look, at Paula look, at Paula Thompson I
always thought I'd marry Paula But
some things just don't work out that way Well
that's, the most important thing you'll learn on the tour today That
and, the fact there'll be a toliet break At
the information center near the manmade lake Speaking

*"Yeah* I'll, just ask you one favor if, you do see Paula in town later on that you don't mention the details of the tour I'd. appreciate that Same. goes for my wife Gloria, You'll. recognize her she, looks a hell of a lot like Paula actually, She. often gets mistaken for Paula but, um, well, she's, not Paula that's, for sure no, ".Singing

Thompson born, in '54 To
a family of four To
the family next door Take
me back next door Paula
Thompson nee, Paula Wright That's.
her old house number, 39 Number
41 was mine If
this old coach could go back in time I'd
drive to 1979 Take
me back Take...
me back take, me back (Take
take, take, take, me back) Take
me back take, me back (Take
take, take, take, me back) Take
me back take, me back take, me back take, me back take, me back take, me back Speaking...

*"Yeah* sorry, about that I. always get a little bit emotional on the corner of Rutherford and Brown Streets But. um, that, is truly the end of the tour so, mind your step yeah, good, on you ".
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Busdriver Song Lyrics

Flight Of The Conchords – Busdriver Song Lyrics