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JustFlexin Lyrics

FlexBoogie – JustFlexin Lyrics

Oh man!

I told you niggers I'd be selling out - Soon
And on tracks I'm a fucken Har-poon
That means I drop hits and never miss
I joined a label where it's Winning that matters
They call us Tinism
My year plans already met - I'm over target
I don't lax when getting checks amps the budget
Never emotion loving - Only fuckin' and touchin'
Your honey love it she hummin' suckin' and dunkin' that dumplin'
That crass talking that gets you going makin em hate
I hate flossing But shit talking is fucken great
I hate cussing but fuck modesty in this space
I'd hate knowing that lames walking didn't get ate
I'd hate hearing that cap city losing it's edge
Oh wait I fucken heard it - they say you niggers' scared
They say you niggers talking swag - And you ain't as bad
That's after I got paid though so, I wasn't as mad (Lmao)

Flexin – flexin
My nigga I'm just flexin
My nigga I'm just flexin
My nigga I'm just flexin

What's the news - You Niggers dropping soon
I heard you buy views - yall lames - I'll assume
You go to clubs to get your ego's rubbed up
Jozi plastic, Hatfield bunnies got you niggers buzzed up
Get to rappin - Ever left home and got a check?
I'm talking Red Eyes - The steelbird - The fucken jet
I'm talking Blue isles in Dubai - You want respect?
You're on the streets and got a big head but broke as heck!
I lack respect on every track I talk to rappers on
Am I correct to say your free track is not a song?
Are you in check or getting checked up when you perform?
You probly do it free baby get your platform on
I'm fullo shit and got an ego like a pharaoh with slaves
And play it off like zuma's e-tolls - Now Pop the champagne
Let's celebrate the latest ignorance America Plays
And claim we're proudly South African for voting campaigns
Ok? Ok!

Flexin – flexin
My nigga I'm just flexin
My nigga I'm just flexin
My nigga I'm just flexin

I hate rappers who just complain
Really do nothing about the game
Really do nothing to build the game
You really do nothing to change the game – No way X2
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