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Build And Destroy Lyrics

Flex The Antihero – Build And Destroy Lyrics

So this is it, right? You see the bright lights
Pretend and not quite, get with this in my sight
And despite of my sorrow and comments on life
I'm nice and stepping up to recite
Here's some advice, don't do it unless you're fully into it
Willing to sacrifice
Your life... Sinning to get a simple slice
Of Devil's path, still wonder why many will try
Spending your time chasing what's mine, it's quite a crime
See, my design is not one that you will soon acquire
It's more the type you should witness, take a seat and admire
Till I expire I plan to simply take it higher
Rather retire than to give any less than I'm required
The truth prevailing so I never sweat it, though
Though sell me nothing short of excellence can better boast
Comatose, plan to make it, never crawling, so
I'm taking bank plus your rank, fuck you over slow

So when they carry clothes
This time the show is brighter than most
Fighter be dosed, overdosing on the fact that I'm close
Making moves in the right way or so they might say
It may or not pay to be the one they all pray
'fucking weak individuals who never succeed
So they breathe animosity inside of their soul
Know your goal is stopping me but I'm not one you control
So honestly I do it properly but still I gotta tell myself
To stay one up on everyone 'cause I'mma seek the wealth
From out of my pocket, I tell 'em I got it, I'm good
For all I've seen and watched I say I've earned my spot
Nobodoy's got a better reason to be at the top

Mammy wanted a doctor, daddy wanted a boxer
I wanted to represent the rock
Yeah, I said it, demo tape, sealed it in an envelope
With the photo of my fat, freckled face
Fast forward
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