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Old Skool To New Skool Lyrics

Flava – Old Skool To New Skool Lyrics

Yeh what you saying mate you good?
Yeh man I'm good
Hey you still got them old school lyrics you used to use?
Yeh man, check this out

1 2 3 4 6 again
So kiss my arse and do it again

It's dj Kim and dj Sam
Sam with the bass now
King of the human race

Jump in the car
Windows down, sound up
Changed up
What, we're shout the Flava

So get on the floor and drop your drawers
The fathers mine
The fathers yours
Lets get rocking to the bass
For the big phat taste

It's Flava
Cause Flavas on fire
Fire liar dire higher buyer

Lets get moving
And move your feet
Lets get a dance floor
Moving to the beat

And I've got the bass now
From 1999
If you know my lyrics then you've got the taste
Am I picking Am I picking Am I picking up the pace

It's old school to the new school roll
All cats it's kids cause it's go
Look like the oldest ones
And the big phat tv, yo
I got a radio to listen to
Do you like my old-school ringtone?
It's the world that we're living in
It's all about those good old times

It's strictly business
Now you can be my witness through hit this

It's old school to my new school roll
Nike Tienes, yo
Look like limited ones
It's G-Star Raw with the come with the raw
It's Kate Moss
As skinny can be like my new lcd tv
I got an ipod
Shuffle to
Listen to
Everyday day we're shuffling shuffling yo

I can't wait now
I can't wait
I can't wait for the Digital Switchover to be easy to easy-peasy

I got jumpers and kicks to match this
Coming soon
Catch this
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