Who knows the tale in every sordid detail about the kid born on nobody's list?
To a dad named Bob and a mom named Claude and a dog that was constantly pissed.

Whoa man, that seems just like yesterday
When the place was a clamor and everybody's hammered
And the cops couldn't keep us away

We owned the town so we wandered around telling dirty jokes in every detail
We faked disgust while someone blushed and pitched a smile that was big as a whale
It was slow decay so we drank all day and popped invisible pills in the den
We were out of control so we played rock and roll and threw the homework on the fire again

Whoa man, that seems just like yesterday
Cause the pace was grueling with everybody puking
And the neighbour trying to drive us insane

Whoa yeah, I'd love to see you again

End of the year so we got a career and tried our best not to think of the past
Ya it pisses me off but I guess it's enough to know that sometimes nothing's a blast
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Whoa Man Lyrics

Flashlight Brown – Whoa Man Lyrics