How many times you think I could be thrown around

How many times a day you think I get put down?
And how many times a day, you, think, when do I get what I deserve

Don't you get sick and tired of all the ways
And Don't you wonder what he says
How he pleades, how he begs, saying he's sorry

-soft for 3 seconds-

And he throws all it away
Bullies revenge
-speed up-
-slow down a little-
Some---times---I---have to
-speed up again-
Clearly it's how I feel
Kicked outa me
Make-in a-my skin-a-peel
Ripped outa me
Hurt some ya don't
Even know me
Ripped out my guts

---*End chorus*

How do you feel when someone starts to throw you around too
How do you feel bing out numbered 100 to you?
And how do you feel when, now, no ones afraid of you

Don't you get sick when each day
Now your thrown around for being in the way
How you'll scream, how you'll cry - saying your sorry

When I'm through with you
Bullies revenge

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Bullies Revenge Lyrics

Flank – Bullies Revenge Lyrics