Stanza 1
I'm living my life
I lived it okay
Would I ever know that I have strayed for some long
He broke the wall where my soul in gloom
Where my spirit yearn
For drop of your, your presence o Lord my God

Chorus :
Never would I let you go
I will never trade my love for gold
Cos you love me more and more again
My saviour lord 2x
Forgive me Lord
When I'm busy chasing after winds
When my love for you slowly grow so cold
So cold

Stanza 2
I'm losing my life
I know I will find it again
Whenever I stray He leads me straight back home
Back home back home
He tells me where I have gone so wrong
Show me place where I couldn't not yearn
For drop of your, your presence
O Lord my God
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Forgive Me Lyrics

Flakes – Forgive Me Lyrics

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