You got dough? (I got dough)

You got chicks? (I got chicks)

You got the whips? (All the whips)

When you play the game you got the chips?

You got scratch? (Big cheese)

You got scrill? (All the loot)

You cheesed up money? (Big bills)

You got stacks? (No doubt)

You got dough? (I got dough)

You on the move? (I'm on the move)

Are you a shaker? (I'm a shaker)

A money maker? (A money maker)

A risk taker? (A risk taker)

A heart breaker? (I heard 'em all man)

You want some more money? (I got grip)

You got stacks? (Hell yes)


I don't wanna blow my horn but it needs to be told

I had a scene to sit pretty by the time I got old

I got cheese but that doesn't mean I got soul

I got black power and a black bank roll

Stank chicks, they sweat my knot and I love 'em

I got cheese, now to bone 'em I don't have to drug 'em

I'm coolin', rock rulin', don't like glock pullin'

Block patrolin's played out, I'm yachtin' way out

When I contemplate I skip rocks across the pond

Bought a queue of you cats a plane with a yawn

No harm's inteded that means no foul

Cats with no dough, they got no style

I'm cheesed up, like grills for school meals

No one can test my cash dash appeal

I mean bubble glean lex loaded with amenities

Hold it, my bank account is bloated

It should be duly noted that a lotta cats are angry

Tryin' to spill the bills for thrills

And pockets get left stanky

Drinks all around, every weekend it's goin' down

At the bar where scud is browned in French booze

Floozies lose it

Chasin' bucks where coochie gets absurd at times

So I didn't wanna wait

Montego Bay, Tobago, or Monaco I gotta go escape the rush

My status is livin' plush, can't hear the fuss

Like loot jammin' the ears of the def

Russell Simmons, the women I get 'em believe I'm shorter than [???]

I met 'em on constant occasions

Due to big billies and they greenback motivations


[Verse 2:]

All the ladies used to call me stupid, now I'm funny

And instead of runnin' from me, they attracted to my money

They say we have so much in common and they like the way I'm rhymin'

I know that they be sleepin' and reclinin'

On how I be refinin', my mansion is made of diamonds

Drivin' with my leg out of my sunroof whilin'

Watchin' those right turns

They want me to by groceries and hosieries

Plus the wanna know the Deez, makin' introductions

That concern me and they mommies, and they always treat me kindly

I'm thinkin' " yeah, you can buy me"

Written all over the faces - try me

And I do it, in this case I never wonder, why me?

I love the women, the women love me in return

I bust sperm in the shape of dollar signs

Jericho cosigns for Kyle and vice verse

I'm defined by my verse, it's gross like net income

You win some, you lose some, not me son

I got more profit than the old testament

I'm livin' proof and evidence that hard work pays off

I bet G's on both teams in the playoffs

I'm in luxury's lap, stay stacked

Dapped up Daddy Warbucks for good luck

People get star struck when I'm doin' average things

I rock a mink and fly rings and keep my 'drobe dry cleaned

I'm self-imposing for hoes and hose

Like I'm pissed off water then my dough's flowing

Like money, flag's caught in a down draft

Never at half mast

I'm not in Mourning like Alonzo over his kidneys

All chickens be friendly when they with me

We could jet to Sydney


[Verse 3:]

I got long dough and nice song flow

Knock you out with my knot like I hit a strong draw

Knew I was about to blow, got ready and was stackin'

I like serial with my thug passion, Known for my fashion

And playin' the loan like a mass man

And all my electronics made by taskin'

Cats who front get hit up wit' a trashcan

Little kids see me comin' they call me cash man

I'm rollin' lets start the tape like a car chase

Live like a star, eccentric with bizarre taste

I got a house in a far place, I don't back down

I always stick to my point like a John Pase

(So cut and edit) I wouldn't have done it

If I didn't know I could get way wit' it

By the time that I jetted

I never fretted, I just bedded

A lot of opposite sexes, it's like I had 'em on credit


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Got Dough Lyrics

Five Deez – Got Dough Lyrics