Decrease of symmetry
Increase of energy
The structures of downfall are expanding
It's like an endless curse
Throughout the universe,
Every process is colliding

Break down, crack up, crumble and explode
Cave in, crash, collapse and corrode

A subverting force
From a burning source
Controlled by uncontrolled accretion
Is consuming us,
Planetary chaos
A reward to the human deletion

And this is just a fraction
Of the events that mind and hand can't defeat
We're crossing through the flaming intersection
Where the all the parameters are set to "repeat"

Of radiation
No meaning to decipher it's code
In the interior
And the exterior
Collapse: is the new mode

It's pealing the surface of all relationships:
Impact craters illuminate the eclipse
That has tuned the day to night

It swallows the sun
It shatters everyone
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Collision And Collapse Lyrics

Fission – Collision And Collapse Lyrics