I believe there' s no Hell
If you just try to love enemies as yourself
-Heaven will surely hold you a place

Outer space is so friggin' huge
I' m convinced there' s no way
We' re just spinning ' round
The sun all day without
A purpose or an explanation

Raise the white flag
And surrender to this life-
Don' t question how or why
Pour the whiskey, smell the roses
-tell some jokes
Laugh before you die

It is obvious - life is too short
Always seems we get it down
Just in time to go
Somewhere - who knows where
Maybe someplace better... better

See the white light and surrender
When it' s time
Don' t question how or why
Lay your arms down
And surrender to clouds
You will feel amazing
You will be amazing

What is fiction - what is real?
We' ve been programmed what to feel
By the tv- by the pen
Let your heart open your eyes again
Your eyes again

You know life' s too short to live it in fear
Only thing you will regret is what you
Do not do at all - even more than the
Stupid things you do
Better take the chance
Listen to your heart
-no one can tell you
What your spirit wants - tell yourself (You' ll make it to Heaven)
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Surrender Lyrics

Fisher – Surrender Lyrics