When I was a young boy
I had a bicycle
She was a pretty little bicycle
With her little yellow ribbon
And shiny pink tassels
We had so much fun
My billy and I
Over the hills
Through the trees
And even one long walk... Down the beach
Because you can't ride a bike in the sand
And then one night
While I was sleeping
Some cowards came
And took my billy from me
Needless to say
I was pissed

Billy the bicycle 2x
Where is billy at
I want my billy back
Billy the bicycle

Well it's been ten long years since that fateful night
And still didn't get that son of a bitch
But you know what you bastard I'm still trying
I'm gonna catch you
And when I do
I'm gonna tear you limb from limb

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Billy The Bicycle Lyrics

First Kid On The Moon – Billy The Bicycle Lyrics

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