Street fighting,
Ten million blocks.
I used to live here,
And be apart of it all.

Now I understand,
The houses are made of paper,
The streets just wooden streets,
It's all that an outfit can erase, (?)

The town is dawning (oh),
I can see it in the clouds (oh),
I know all the silly goodbye words,
But I keep them in my mind.

Now I realise,
That the city is full of shadows,
Well the truth has turned to dust,
It's like a broken smile.

The birds kept singing,
Yes they were out of their minds.
And the grasshoppers are praying the light goes out.

The fighter's gone,
All size taken down,
They should,
Lead me home.
And the grasshoppers keeps praying the light goes out.

Now I understand.
Now I've got a clue,
I know exactly what to do.

I know we've got to fight. (Fight!)
We gotta fight! (Fight!)
I've got to fight! (Fight!)
We have to fight! (Fight!)

Now I understand. (Now I understand!)
Now I've got a clue, (Now I've got a clue!)
I know exactly what we gotta do. (What we've gotta do!)

I know we've got to fight.
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Street Fighting Lyrics

First Floor Power – Street Fighting Lyrics