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Guilty Lyrics

First Choice – Guilty Lyrics

As a lover you run for cover
Whenever trouble appears
Kiss and hug again
Kiss and hug and then
It's always ending in tears
You've been floating around like a butterfly
But I'm gonna pin you down
'Cause you've been...

Found* and convicted of a serious crime
Caught in possession of this heart of mine
I'm lockin' you away for a long, long time
'Cause your guilty (guilty)
You're guilty of love
I'm the judge and the jury
And defendant too
And I'm just about to throw the book at you
'Cause your guilty (guilty)
You're guilty of love
I said G-U-I-L-T-Y; G-U-I-L-T-Y

Now I'm on the case**
Keeping you in place
Seems so easy easy to do
Don't step out of line
Or you're gonna find
That I'll come gunnin' for you
Just like an agent from the F-B-I
I'm gonna get my man
'Cause you've been...


*Sheet music lyric says "Tried and convicted..." though First Choice and
Other covers have used "Found and convicted..." instead

**Joyce Jones sang "on the race" instead of "on the case" in the First
Choice version
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