The laughing moon covers the sun, sinister darkness
Covers the Earth
This total eclipse of the sun seems to last forever!
Creatures are creping, crawling up from the deepest pits
Of the ground
Everything seems falling apart, there's no more hope
Shadows of forgotten species are shivering in candlelight
Everyone tries to hide away to a place where a sign of
Life remained!
Dark milling crowd of monsters are concoursing the
They're screaming, barking, laughing
Their sharp voices are pain to the ears

... And then the Lord of Darkness returned
With wings of a bat, head of a goat
Finally his time has come today, this will be our very
Last day
He turned to look at me for a while with his ruby eyes
He was grinning like a shark
He called me on my name, like the voice of night
... And that was the last thing what I heard in my life
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Solar Eclipse Lyrics

Finnugor – Solar Eclipse Lyrics