Don't wanna look you in the eyes and say a cold goodbye
But i've so much to do
I just can't stay,i can't pretend that here i've my life
I really need to go
Don't wanna leave without a kiss giving you a sweet lie
After all we've been through
But i'm afraid you read me wrong and then you start to cry
Sometimes you were my truth

But as you reach the end of the day
Someone asks you to stay
But as something's missing, something's unreal
And you want to,you need to
To find a way

Don't wanna make this story end without a pretty smile
You mean so much to me
And even if it hurts,it might hurt for awhile
I just want you to see
That there's a chance,there's a place where i could know myself
And get ready to be
Someone who could come back one day and hold you really tight
And make you happy

There's emptiness in my day
Sadness in my night
It's not your fault but somehow
It doesn't feel right

There's nothing here to find
And i need to find a way
Something's out of sight...away
Until you get,til you get me so
I can get,i can get free so
Until you get,til you get me so
I can get,i can get me...
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'till I Get Me (To Get Free) Lyrics

Fingertips – 'till I Get Me (To Get Free) Lyrics