Do you remember the times we laughed at
The silly things we did
Holding you when you're crying,
Dating back to when we were kids
I remember the past so clearly,
When you would tell me, "I love you so"
I hold onto that memory dearly,
But that was so many years ago

This just isn't another love song,
It's a story about me and you
I haven't felt these feelings for so long,
Believe me when I say it's true
But when I see you, all I think of
Is why have you hurt me?
I'm so sorry that I never realized
That I was the one who hurt you

It's time to repair all these holes
But nothing can heal my shattered soul
After everything came falling,
You were set free
What about me? I've been trapped here
Wandering like a misguided ghost, dear
Into my head

*Chorus x2*
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Forgotten Time Lyrics

Finding Clarity – Forgotten Time Lyrics