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Alright With Me Lyrics

Finale – Alright With Me Lyrics

Here we go again.
Another sleepless night.
Let's wait it out like a rainstorm one more time.
Another chance to lay with our backs to each other.
Another night where I'll be leaving you heartbroken.
You don't want to waste another night on me again.
So I guess it's time to say goodbye.
Pack your bags and turn around, that's alright.
Hit the road and leave this town, that's alright.
I wouldn't ask for much of you, not tonight.
Forget about what used to be, that's alright with me.
The TV drowns out the sound of a million love songs
that I'd never sing for you.
I'm sorry that you couldn't be the one.
I'm sorry that I always end up leaving you
So I guess it's time to go our separate ways.
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