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Back To School Lyrics

Fifth Platoon – Back To School Lyrics

It's time to go back to school
What a drag
I grab my trapper keeper
And put it in my bag
I called Stan and said I'll meet you by the school(what time)
How's eight o'clock(alright cool)So I walked out the door
Had my new clothes on and plus money for the store
Or should it say money for the arcade games
It's nothin' new to me because every day's the samei spend up all the money mom gives me in this place-
Oops, it's time to go to school, I better make hastethe school was close so I got there quick
There's so many girls so which one shall I pick
But I have to keep them off my mind
Got good grades in school and the whole "9"
'Cause I don't want to get left back with the rest
So I'm gonna try and do my best
Education is one that you can grow on
Learn your purpose in life and so on and so on
Al Prentice will use his brain as a tool
Fifth Platoon is going back to school
Back to school, it is cool
Fifth Platoon is going back to school (Back to school)
Back to school
Don't be no fool
Fifth Platoon is going back to school (Back to school)

I wake up in the morning, my alarm clock blasted me
And I felt kind of nasty
My mother yelled it's a quarter to eight
So I ran to the bathroom to get my hair straight
I got dressed after I washed up
And then I called my girl and said what's up
You know what she said Al Prentice (what)
She said I got another man and boogee, you're cutoffdeep down I felt hurt
So I hung up the phone and headed for workbut on the way to the job I stopped at a light
And I couldn't believe that people ignored some guys who were fighting
I kept driving and the things I saw
Made me never want to come out the house no morei sh
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