Teleport me away from the colourless baby,
I don't think that I belong amoung these soldiers baby
Let me paint this town,
I'm sick of sitting down
Let me draw you my imagination,
Then you can spray me with congratulations
Your tone is making me fell sleepy,
And your style doesn't really interest me
I'd rather have conversations with the sun then stay here,
But you make it your profession to lock up my ambitions dear
Don't even try to hold me back,
I'd like to tear apart your contract
You ask me what will I be doing now,
Reclining on my cloud,
I'm sure that's what I'll do
And maybe ride a caterpillar,
As if it were a rollercoaster,
Then devote myself to a brew
Don't you dare stop me plotting all my dreams,
Or I'll sucker-punch your esteem
Then they'll sprinkle me with congratulations,
Exit the door, carry on our conversation
I can't wait to meet you there,
Saying goodbye and I don't even care
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You Make Me Sleepy Lyrics

Field Trip – You Make Me Sleepy Lyrics

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