I've been in control too long
I can't be trusted
I have driven into walls
Ok, I'm busted
My record is anything but clean
I've nothing left, but
Repentance anda guilty plea
I've learned my lesson.
No one ever handed me the keys to my own story
I just took them for myself, ok, I'm sorry
You take the wheel
I will work the radio
You take the wheel
We'll go where You want to go
You take the wheel
Take it fast, take it slow
Whatever you choose I'm fine
You drive, I'll ride
You drive, I'll ride
The road that I was on before
It was going nowhere
Now I'll kick back, enjoy the ride
The wind through my hair
The sun is hot, the air is clear.
I was lost on my own
You came and picked me up out here
Now you're driving me home
The rest of my life is not left for me to write, I don't know it all
I just made up myself and that was wrong
It's good that I don't drive
It never gets me too far
I like it on this side
This isn't even my car
You're driving with perfection
Now I've learned my lesson.
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You Drive I'll Ride Lyrics

Ffh – You Drive I'll Ride Lyrics

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