Come into my room it's messy and unloved he said
And drink a bottle of brandy to numb the pain
Oh Leah just wanted to be loved
Did you make me weak so I could lean on you
Did you feed me addictions so I'd need you
Did you tie my hands behind my back so you could untie

Untie me please
Oh Leah you're naked on the floor
It hurts the bruise of force
It lies behind a closed door
Your friends outside can't help you
It's not your fault that I didn't help you
Oh Leah cry
Swallow your coke with brandy like you swallowed rape
With love

My sister my baby I'll hold you now that he's gone his
Child was never there
Forgiveness is pride
God I never felt so empty
God I never felt so lost
Filling up my holes with holes
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Leah Lyrics

Fetish – Leah Lyrics

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