Deal with this god from the South, a Greenspoint fader

Laws sweat deep but them hoes just playa-hatas

This is what you do

Suck a dick up and hic up and you heard that from Fesu

I'm wishin these white folks dead

Put fear in they heart just to see the devil turn red

Bitch, try to stop me

Pull my shit off the shelf and go throw you off a carbon copy

I gotta let you know

I stopped eatin that swine

Bitch, for the last time

Fesu gotta check ya

Drop your ass and???? Damn sho don't respect ya

Fuck a wood and his wife

She just good for eatin pussy and suckin on a crack pipe

Them hoes tryin to curse me

But you can't, bitch, cause it's a war with no mercy

On the cool laws tryin to pop me

Hell yeah, they say them dopesales gettin sloppy

Huh - stomach this, I'm about to lose

Cause my p's and q's ain't keepin the new shoes

But in the 'Point them hoes takin these

Cause I'm breakin them bitches down havin dopefiends on they knees

A 9 to 5, I ain't takin that, I'm in for 24

Re-cookin that bagged dope

A master at them pot and pans

Waste my dope, fool, and I'm cold with the bare hands

Just as cold as it sounds

I whip your ass with a verb and lay you down with a pronoun

Them hoes tryin to curse me

Is that a trip? Naw, it's just a war with no mercy

It's a war with no mercy

When young niggas clown

Yo ass better duck down

It's a war with no mercy

You hear the ratatatat

Yo ass better duck down

At 6 people called me destructive

Cause I said fuck justice in examplified ruffness

An Asiatic black original man, I left my mark

And my set was a trailor park

Tuckin them hoes to the curb

See, your life ain't shit if them actions can't back up verbs

Now what's left?

Nothin but a punk muthafucka that's scared of Yusef

Livin in hell, carryin a torch

Can't play with the big boys, stay on your own porch

A god, livin like Farrhad did

Cast yo bid and get a split wig

In the 'Point we don't play that

We stick a dick in your mouth and say, " Fool, why you say that?"

This goes to the hpd

Bitch, it's a war with no (mercy)
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War With No Mercy Lyrics

Fesu – War With No Mercy Lyrics