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'Cause I Can Lyrics

Felony – 'Cause I Can Lyrics

[jayo felony]
Ehhh.. (ehh..) yea!
We do this for life ya dumb fucks, why'all niggaz is dumptrucks
The type to bitch up, and getcha eyebrows plucked
Mark my words loco gon' have it like motown's heyday
So dope they name us all twice like we, pelle pelle
You better be prepared to call me billy loco gorde
Pop my collar with none other than earl-40
Squab on a square like it's high noon, cousin wit tycoons
If you fuck with sick wid it why'all niggaz gon' die soon
I can't make a fiend do nuthin against they will
I just leave they eyes so yellow you see em and yield
Whoa -- spill the guts of the ones that's not real
So when you see me nigga scream out one shot kill
Gotta, spot on my shoe from all the blood we spill
I get it even if i don't want it nigga like free refill
why'all don't want to give us our props, why'all niggaz gon' get dropped
Nigga fuck hip-hop, nigga this crip-hop {*gunshot*} what?
Chorus: e-40 + jayo felony (repeat 2x)
Pimp'n why you splurgin? (cause i can)
Why you go up in my beer? (nigga cause i can)
Why you smokin all that broccoli? (cause i can)
Why everybody think you rich? (nigga cause i am!)
Motherfucker ?? grew up on the undertuckamajig
My destination control the block
Fast ass wad full of ones in my pocket
With a hundred dollar bill wrapped on top
Thirty-two shot extended clip to keep it trill when i pop
Durin the summer it's zenith's but in the winter ?? not
Better believe us don't try to play us for false
Cause it's not a game no way no how
Billy loco, charlie hustle and major payne nigga now
How you think i was gonna deallllllllll with it?
Fuck around and wind up gettin killllllllled with it
Beotch! you booty rappers get penalized, and expedited
Cause dey don't think about they shit, before they write it
We don't sell narcotics with the po-po problems, playboy take a look
We off into real estate, cd's, millions of wealth
Used to be crooks still hang around crooks, dealers and ex-cons
Niggaz with luke's and ?? ?? shirt on
Players with cake, pushin they weight, try to find the last trap
'fore they bloody wrecked illegal corporate scratch
What they buck?
Are why'all fools ready for dis? it's a loco for sure i'll blast
With billy loco and 40-water we take your life then we haul ass
Tall cash stacked in the basement
Can't leave the house with less than a zip an a extra clip
Niggaz want to know why i get down like this ain't that a bitch?
You see my, life on tv cause it's the daddy with the ?? and a p
Niggaz just can't seem to get away from pd while they surrounded me
And houndin me cause i ball hard, on parole and a double-are
Fifty to a hundred g's and je-wels on wrists
Nigga we ghetto stars
Shit my niggaz spent g's to push, drop bentleys
Remi mark sippin, cristal, x-o hennesey
And better believe when we enemies we spray wit these
Every night at twelve have your whole motherfuckin city prayin on knees
And still 40-water pass the strap and i blast, still hit the gas
Had to tear his whole motherfuckin head off tryin to ?? the stash
Every man they all man, quick to pull a lick out the brougham
Only reason i rode down on that bitch ass nigga, is because i can!
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