Looking through my window shade, stare at streets that bare no name
Now it all looks strange to me, yesterday seems like a dream
But I often try too hard, to break the routine of my day
Turn around see what I see, can't help wishing it could
Chorus: change, change again
Unchain myself - I will
See the faces in the crowd, busy streets they move around
Underground seems such a drag, waiting still and then we change
(rpt. Chorus twice)
Ad lib - the more I see, the more it hurts, the more we change it all seems worse
M8 - tomorrow, till tomrrow comes
As it drags me there I feel, a sense of urgency unveil
What's in store for us today, read the papers drift away
Change, we change again
We change again
Unchain myself - I will
Ad libs - oh how I hate to feel this way
The more I wait to see it change
The more I see the more it hurts
The more we change it all seems worse
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Change Lyrics

Feeder – Change Lyrics

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