I want to stamp you in the [?]
Don't ya dare break my fuckin' back
Fucking make ya die!
Get ya thrown
You cannot escape me, [?]

[Verse 1]
Looking into the eyes of a traitor
[?] watch it out
I'll throw you in the river
Not sure you'll be found
Your conscience's slowly dying
You can't run from the consequences
So fucking shake my hand
It's time to shut your face!
Nothing can save you now
The ghost of the past will hunt you down!
You're my new enemy, now pay the property
You're without the pain, without redemption

Burn the traitor!
You'll have to tell the liar that you want his fucking head
Set fire, [?]
You can't run from the consequences
Make nothing of the vengeance
Nothing can save you now
You plead divine intervention
Strike you out!

[Verse 1]

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Burn The Traitor Lyrics

Feed Her To The Sharks – Burn The Traitor Lyrics

Songwriters: Andrew Vanderzalm, Kim Choo, Marinos Katsanevas, Robert Davies
Burn The Traitor lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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