Behold bleakness
Deepest darkness,
A consuming fire of hate

Fallen deity,
Command his minions,
To prowl, pursue to strike

Untold evil,
Merciless captor,
Laying siege this night

Unyielding force,
Burning the light,
Raping the golden fields of god

[1st chorus]
Dark demons fight,
Destroyer, taker of life,
Marching onward,
Into the light

Cutting through,
Fatal strike,
Deliver the lethal blow,

Enemy crushed,
Accursed beast,
Condemned to fire below

Running true,
Words as steel,
Blood you feel flow

Pierce the dark,
Now it comes powering,
Charging the night

[2nd chorus]
From this fight,
Savior, bringer of life,
Soaring onward,
Fearless, into the night

Blackness rising,
Piercing to heaven,
Trumpets sound closing fast,

Malice raging,
Tearing, screaming,
Unclean spirits rise

Soldiers of Sodom,
Engage, enslave,
Blasphemy from the depths

Kingdom so dire,
Brimstone and fire,
Fruitless they battle on

[1st chorus]

Angels fly,
Through burning sky,
Armies of light prevail

Trumpets sound,
Signal the fall,
Black fire burns no more

Glorious king,
Heaven sings,
As sin before, be gone

Kingdom supreme,
Our home our dream,
The power of Christ is life

[2nd chorus]
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A Rage Of Angels Lyrics

Feast Eternal – A Rage Of Angels Lyrics