Bomb the Russians
Then they'll never get to you
Bomb the russians
Then we'll see who buries who
Strike while the iron is hot
Strike they won't get off a shot
Strike so our bombs from space protect the all american race
Strike end this menace red strike they'd be better off dead
Strike when their last blood is she'd then we won't worry who's ahead
Bomb the russians
We don't have to take their shit
Bomb the russians
We'll be better of for it
Strike while they're all asleep
Strike kill the common creep
Strike they messed with the best now they die like the rest
Strike give 'em one more for me
Strike put it on t.v.
Strike cause the "duke" would do it
He would make the russkies chew it
Bomb the russians
Bomb the russians
Bomb the russians
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Bomb The Russians Lyrics

Fear – Bomb The Russians Lyrics