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What You Saying Lyrics

FBG Duck – What You Saying Lyrics

[Hook x2]
I Talk Money So What You Saying
I Don't Understand, If You Ain't Talking Benfranklins
I Love Money, Money Is My Bestfriend
I Told Them Bands To Tell Them Bands To Bring More Bands

(Billionaire Black)
Bitch I'm Paid, Billionaire Black I Talk Dollars (Bands, Bands)
And If You Need A Couple Birds I Call Up My Gualas (Blackmigo)
I'm Busting So Hard, Still Screaming Free Uncle Molly
My Choppa Kick Like Karate Wet A Nigga Like Some Water (Man Down, Man Down)
I Love Cash Benfranklin My Bestfriend, Rubberbands On My Finger
Middle Finger To Ya People, Imma Marry My Bands
How Much Money Can One Nigga Fit In his Pants? (Let's Get It)
In The Trigger Got It So If My Bitch Act Right She Might Get A Band
Bitch I'm Faded, Ray Ban For My Shades (Ray Ban)
In The Kitchen Water whippin' Then A Hurricane Wrist Bitch I Gotta Get Paid
I'm Off Molly, Got Me In A Daze (Molly Boy)
Blood Money Or Trap Money It's All The Same

[Hook x2]

(FBG Duck)
I Talk Money Bitch What You Say
If You Ain't Talking About Green Face Then Bitch Get Out Of My Face
Take 3 Steps Back, Bitch Just Give Me My Space
Unless You Trynna Give Me That Face
Everything Gonna Be Straight Baby Girl Okay
I Got Something To Say, A Lot Of These Niggas Is Fake
As Long as I Got My Gun My money is Safe, I Don't Need No Safe
These Motherfuckers Better Pray, Bow Your Head Nigga Let's Pray
Cause Y'all Gone Need the Lord for Any Rapper Try To get In My Way
Nigga I'm Goon Slash Gobblin Aka Monster
The Industry Don't Want To Sign Me Cause These Rappers Might Have Problems
Nigga I Need Green Like the Celtics Not Just Rondo
If You Ain't Talking Bout Benfranks Then Let's End This Convo

[Hook x2]
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