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The Loyaliser Lyrics

Fatima Mansions – The Loyaliser Lyrics

The model volcano by the giant gas tank
The street corner gun-market next to the robbed bank
The poorhouse next to the Uniroyal palace
A tower of riches, beside it the abyss

Sit in the gridlock under the stopped clock
Long for a new taste? Suck on a breeze-block
Your brain is a doughnut, your spirit's a dry cup
This place has the poison to fill them all right up
Lockdown London--
Headbutt the pebble-dash

The girl with the bit nails and fondness for blackmail
You made her a secret, now she knows she can't fail
Your weakness was known well, she earned her a bombshell
Her life's worth of grievance now hangs from your coat-tails

The little drummer-boy sadly (though eloquent) bitches
Too old for the bluff game or overnight riches
He meets with your pen friend, they speak of your badness
And compose a duet--sounds like Tarzan and Callas

I've been a victimiser and I've been victimised
I've been a sly betrayer who has been demonised
I've been an instrument of all I hate
So here's to all you absent leeches--safe
I'm not around to hear your pious speeches while you're...

Waiting for a date from the Loyaliser
Waiting for a date from the Loyaliser
Crying for a sign from the Loyaliser
Time always on the side of the Loyaliser
Into thinner air with the Loyaliser
You get older, you get scared but you get no wiser

Now you must adjust your ears to the sound of trouble
Getting louder and louder and louder and louder
Forget the "like-with-like," now there is only other
As the walls begin to buckle and turn into powder

Cowed figures under railway arches
Wait for the coming storm
They've already seen your great provider
In his true bloodthirsty human form
Time to get criminal-minded
Take any way out when you find it
And those who stay around do so because they're blinded
No light at all when you're... Chorus

Lockdown London...
Just a prison...
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