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Wzup Wit Me Lyrics

Fat Trel – Wzup Wit Me Lyrics

Bitch be ugly and she like what’s up with me
But that shit don’t matter
My 38 louder, these bitches be fucking me
I’m whipping this stingray and this block is yellow like bumblebee
My dough come from Canada, I got no stamina
And she can’t keep up with me
Working it, twerking it, flipping it
She rocking Molly I’m sipping it
Count it then spend it that shit made no difference
I love the deliverance
My bitch outta Cali is driving me crazy, a baby deliverer
Drinking this liquor and fucking these strippers
I’m popping this Molly like M&M’s

[Verse 1:]
My bitches remind me of Kim
These niggas acting like women
Talking and walking so feminine
You and them niggas identical
My niggas come from the pinnacle
From high I’m a fuck me a friend or two
Pouring out the Rozay in a pitchable
If you shape up for one I can get you two
Probably gon’ cost you a visual
Send me again and you get a few
Count it all up in the living room
The raveral price is pitiful
We starting with some dust and some mineral
Fucking then eating some cereal
If not finished shooting get rid of you
I leave you with doctors in critical
I’m docking some ships and I’m making it
Police is dreaming of taking me
They wanna know where we taking it
We buying and smoking and tasting it
Valley Rozay is my favourite
I love me a bitch who can take a dick
No lying no crying, no faking it
These other bitches be faking it


[Verse 2:]
These bitches be acting like rich thots
I make em look at my wrist watch
Walk in my house like a gift shop
Fuck her she suck till the dick pop
All the money I’m accumulating
Got the bitches waiting and the niggas hating
Fuck em all then I don’t call
She gon’ try and say I’m kin with Satan
I’m a go and count the money out
30 shot nigga bundle up
Put the fifties in a hunnid so
They wanna know where it’s coming from
They wanna see where it’s headed to
I leave it with doctors and medical
Then light em up with the propane
Need polydyne with the cocaine
Move with my bitch with the road rage
She got my wrist on the stone age
Drinking this liquor and smoking these swishes
I probably get hit in my own lane
Probably be searching for everything
Except for a bitch and a wedding ring
Codeine, no ketamine, I’m a better lean, I’m a better feign

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