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IG Bitches Lyrics

Fat Trel – IG Bitches Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Ain’t nobody do what I go to do
You know I love all you thots out there man thot king
Hey i’m about to make a whole song about a freak bitch
Can’t stand me an under hand weak bitch
I saw you on Instagram with a cheap bitch
You tell that bitch to get her teeth and her titties fixed
You know I haven't checked the likes on my cheek shit
I got that light skin bitch she got more friends
I got a thick stripper bitch makes the pole bend
She dark skin and she reminds me of my old benz
You probably never ever seen me with a slow bitch
You probably seen old bitch make the door flux
So when I dove into that pussy broke her whole hip
This hospital bill back bitch hold up
I’m just an ugly mother fucker like to fuck alot
Already got a lot of gwack that will never stop

[Verse 2]
My main bitch like to shop like a door top
We on the floor I tell them go I tell them don’t stop
She like to hang with the slutty boy gangbag
We let the hoes call the boys by their hold name
My white bitch like dick like cocaine
That pussy hot its a mother fucking propaine
Yo just uderstand I’m just a young fat rich nigga
Your woman crush got snaped by a rap nigga
I’m a dirty mother fucker not a trap nigga
Who put the molly in the zaz and the act with it
And when I called your girl she came back with it
A matter of fact she was looking like fat with it
I told her to bust it open let mac fat hit it
I’m a get low I’m a put my back in it
She be on Instagram with her boyfriend
Kissing on my dick like ain’t got a man
I got a big white bitch with a Dodge Ram
We go ahead and we fuck her in the caravan
It could have been a cadillac or an avalanche
I beat the pussy so bad call the ambulance
Her ex-man he a lame he never had a chance
She say he roll on a truck full of trash bag
But anyway fuck that where the bitches at
Well on me where my niggers proably be at
I probably fall into Miami just to fall back
And I’m a call PT let me call back
And I told Taneisha I loves her and that’s when the draws flew
You might be surprised what the mother fucking club do
I only wanted on bitch then I see you
I told her bae I love you city and your titties too
Its for me shit what you trying to do
My lady situation is critical
You got to keep it on the low fucking on the flow
And don’t nobody gotta ever ever know

[Verse 3]
You heard you already know
Just me bring that ass here
For real stripper hoe
You need this shmoney shpoppa
I’m trying to fuck Cardi B too
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