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How I Look Lyrics

Fat Nick – How I Look Lyrics

Boy tell me how I look, tell me how I look
Brand new brand Breitling, tell me I look
Bitch tell me how I look, tell me how I look
Forgi whippin on my whip, tell me how I look
Bitch tell me how I look, go and tell me now
T'd up, phone flippin, got me stuntin now
Bitch tell me how I look, go and tell me now
Countin lean, dope smoke, and I’m coming down

[Verse 1]
Smart jug flexing, euro bitch she whippin Lexus
Got this dope from the west, but my pints straight from Texas
Pussy ass lil boy go and tell me how you feel
Dropped out ninth grade and I'm still getting deals
Jug phone boomin squeeze the seal and made a deal
Yeah yo bitch love me cause the way that my tongue feel
Got Forgi's on my segway, wack yo ass in broad day
Smoking super dope, and I only want yo bitch face
Tweeting at a lame, come I'll show you how its done
Never cuffed no thot, quick bust then I punt
Different colored xans, got em looking like some Runts
Vintage ass Bape, this designer make me stunt
Got a double deuce, and I ain't sipping cut
Drop two full bars in my syrofoam cup
Got the bitch steady tweaking, yeah I fed her ass a flat
All this lame ass goofs bitch I ex 'em by the map
Saying I ain't jug cause the color of my skin
Bitch I push more weight than the body that I'm in
Bitch I been getting hoes, boy I been smoking thrax
No, no new squad boy we ain't doing drafts
Got yo girl so wet, in that pussy need a raft
Yeah she bust it wide open and I ain't even need to ask
Yeah she rolling, what you holding
Pistol make your face stay glowing
Thottie blowing, leave you flowing
All these opps be come and going
What you bout, counting clout, took yo bitch now walk it out
Poured a fifth, out the shits, sicko gas gon' got me lit
Tweetin' drillin', feel like feeling, pussy boy ain't with the shits
Mask down, hit the ground, buffet boys we run around


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