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Donut Boys Lyrics

Fat Nick – Donut Boys Lyrics

[Verse 1: Fat Nick]
Pussy fuck boy, watch out how you talk to me
Hold your sentence, bite your tongue, don't be testing me
Stepped up in the club, arm around your main bitch
Stuck a xanny in her pussy now the ? goofy
Suck my dick, suck my dick, swallow up my kids
Dropping loads on these hoes, my dick a terrorist
Designer'd down, got on Fendi draws and they be showin'
Finessing hard, rub up on my bitch and she be foreign
Flexing and finessing, the only things I know of
Fiji Water when I shower, man I'm so exotic
Versace ? , it got Chinchilla sleeves
Bitch I'm worth some guap, gon' and wipe me down
Barge up in your crib, then it's chopper down
Ski mask on, I got a hundred rounds
Hit you for a lick, then I smoked your brick
Red beams pointed, god this ain't a trick
Sippin' lean out my sippy cup
Dozen hoes, I wanna fuck
Slide by if you wanna bust
Straight pistol whippin', 'bout hollow tippin'

[Verse 2: Mikey The Magician]
Bitch I'm packing heat, I got that Chris Paul
Riding twenty deep, I feel like Randy Moss
Destroyed the fucking pussy, Mikey call the Red Cross
I got that ice on me, bitch I look like Jack Frost
Flexing and finessing like my name is Champ Fway
Ask me how long I been trappin', bitch I'll tell you all day
Catch me by the Church's Chicken standing by the doorway
All this Polo on my ass, bitch you think it's horseplay
I done never gave a fuck, you can ask my fuckin' mama
Motherfuckers say they ball but they really just ?
Bitch I'm racking up these commas, sliding through in that Impala
With a couple white Madonna's, brought a pipe in my pajamas
Like that

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