Fast Crew – Set The Record Straight
What up?
If this your first time listening...
Buckle up, shut up, let's go for a ride
Cause it's the Fast Crew baby
Listen Productions.

Uplift me, as long as I got my music with me
I can't stop rhyming, stop climbing
I can't stop till I got this whole nation mining
Let's go, are you ready?
Let's go, are you ready?
Auckland City, let's go
It's about time to set the record straight, you know

Yeah, the more I rhyme, the more I decide
I'm sick and tired of walking with thorns in my hide
I was born to fly, I wasn't born to hide
You suckers can't touch me, I'm like a porcupine
I was sick of being a grimy fuck
I was broke as a joke and my rhyming sucked
I had to cop a few bucks just to shine me up
Now critters look all star struck when they're eying me
A few years ago, a friend of mine
Told me these little crystal rocks would blow your mind
And blow they did, right through his head
He spent the next couple years eating soup and bread
See, mumma didn't raise no stupid kid
If I wanna lose it, I use music instead
I ain't gotta prove shit, hip hop is in my veins
And I roll with a clique that's as swift as my name
Kid Deft


You people say our music sucks
You must be fucken dumb
Hey, it aint like we asked you to turn the volume up
Yo we know you favourit and
Just change cd man
Don't go and cry about
What's this about the lies
I know you hater
We still gonna sell more records than you hate us
So go and take a ruining hip hop music
It aint like you fools gonna get up and change man
Raps gonna b rap whateva the fast crew say
So if you aint down with us
Fuck off on the show
But if you are a fan yo, get down for sho
So come and shake my hand
Yo we cool like fam
I love new zealand and to those who love me back
Yo, your all superstars and your all on the map


It's Diablo, nothing like the car, yo
But when I'm in limbo, I'm still raising the bar, yo
So get spastic, my life's fantastic
Rocking ice, not plastic, you know I'm getting
Glass trick treasures call for drastic measures
I wanna live and let long with all the pleasure
I want a beautiful critter, she be the pick of the
Throwing her hands in the air when we're rapping the
Heavy hitter
Cause we ain't lack luster, it's a blockbuster
Packing more punch than Tuaman can muster
The sky's the limit and I'm in it to win it
So when the dj spin it, just give me one more minute
Yes yo, believe me when I say,
I killed my nine to five, so I'm still not getting paid
So when I'm in the club, drunk as a skunk, I ain't too
But I'm broke as fuck, come buy me a drink or two
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Set The Record Straight Lyrics

Fast Crew – Set The Record Straight Lyrics

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