When shadows descend
And I see no end
When my hope is gone
And I don't belong
Somewhere in my mind
I reach out to find
The river of light

If I close my eyes
A river of light
Flows down through my heart
And shines in the dark
The music begins
I hear violins
The orchestra plays it's amazing
It carries me away

The stars are on fire
And heavenly choirs
Sing out from above
My heart fills with love
The world is a song
The magic is strong
The melody twirls
And it swirls as it carries me along

Round round round
Spin me faster
Ever faster
Cross the floor
As we dance the dance that I adore
Round round round
Ever flowing
Ever growing
Can you feel it too?
It's the river of light inside of you

I see you in dreams
Of shimmering streams
We dance until dawn
'Til a new day is born
As we leave the floor
The world's as before
The moment is gone
But the song carries on forever more
And the song carries on forever more
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River Of Light (The Blue Danube) Lyrics

Faryl Smith – River Of Light (The Blue Danube) Lyrics