I got my white shoes dirty when I hit the floor
Without a penny in my pocket I was up and out the door
I met a man with a map going on my way
And as I took his direction and ran I heard him say
Don't you let your family down
And I stopped right there
Not just to catch my breath but to gasp for air
This mindset was never meant for millionaires
Because the sun sets West and now that I'm finally gaining ground
I'm going to turn this all around

I got a beat back dated circa 1994
I'll keep it in my pocket 'till I know what to use it for
And if I ever made a better decision than what brought me to this
You can hold your breathe as I think back to what it is

If you're keeping score then this is a victory
I can finally breathe
I can finally sleep at night
After all my good decisions
And all my best friends

I put it all away in a memory
And then I put a lot of stock in this trip out to Tennessee
Oh that's where I'll be
That's where I'll be
If you ever need me


Without a little of mystery
Nobody would miss me
But I'll make sure you don't forget my name
Without a little bad news
Nobody would love you, but I do
And I hope you feel the same
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Square State Syndrome Lyrics

Farewell Fighter – Square State Syndrome Lyrics