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Crush Lyrics

Far And Few – Crush Lyrics

In a moment’s breath I stopped frozen beside
A still frame of you in the open sky
And I fell into a brief dream and I’m lost in the atmosphere
I found that death breeds hell and it’s never enough
I’m sitting here waiting for a fucking sign to come
If I had one chance, now I’d better run towards the streaming sunlight

If you were still here, would you recognize me now?
The years that have passed haven’t paid their toll
Trapped in disillusion and I’m waning
I can’t escape these paintings
That haunt the keepsakes
Reminding me of the time when you were here

Last year you said there’d be a day you’d leave
And I start to question all meanings
That were hidden in a cold reprieve and I’m lost in an open maze
And then I searched with a never ending passion
In resentment of the ashes
Do the lives we’ve led really even matter anyway?

In a second’s thought, one chance tonight
I can’t keep this crush locked up inside
Do you know what it’s like to never say how you feel?
It’s a secret that I can’t seem to reveal
For the time is lost and the price was steep
It was something I couldn’t guarantee
It’s a call to arms with the world on high
And I spoke too late, too afraid to try
At the chapter’s end and the story’s close
One final word is read
And I’ll look out over the distant city skyline
This nostalgia, it’s fucking breaking me down
It’s breaking me down again…
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