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Veronica's Veil Lyrics

Fan Death – Veronica's Veil Lyrics

I joined all the others who lined the path
Some clutched stones, others held their breath
I was the wife of a Roman who had sentenced you
I just came to observe I was not planning to

Enter the procession as it passed me by,
But I felt bound to raise my veil to wipe the sweat from your eyes
And when I pulled it back I knew the rumors were true
Burned into that sheet was the image of you

I think I can believe now
In the sin I've done
And that you can absolve me
And everyone -
Will be rewarded for
Their faith and belief
In the sharing of your word
From the cloth you lay beneath

I came to the emperor to show the sacred cloak
To heal and convince him you weren't a joke
Your face will never leave him now that he has seen the mark
That lifted shroud has cured him; shedding light where there was dark

But I only wish you'd shown me with no sacrifice
If only I could have believed you without the need of sight
But my dedication to you now will never be swayed
Since I saw the thorn crown and the spilled blood you have paid
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