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No Hook (Part 1) Lyrics

Famous Dex – No Hook (Part 1) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Cooling with my brothers
But you know we bout that action
Shoot outs after 30, oh shit get to clapping
Rolling off a beam, but hell nah never lacking
All these bitches on my dick but hell nah ain't no action
Fat Daddy in the club, man I swear that he going shoot
Just bought a stanky pack this fruity pack it's the truth
He say he a shooter but I never seen you shoot
Ran up on this car but this shit was bulletproof

Everybody asking if I got xans for the low man
You know I got xans for the fucking low man
I got 2 for 4 , aye Shon call Pappy man (lets get it)

[Verse 2]
I got xans for the low, xans for the low
And all these bitches shaking ass
But this money I won't throw
Call me a 4 yeah I need a 4
I remember eating noodles but this year I can't go broke
Now they calling me they bro, boy I ain't yo bro
You betta watch who you call yo friend
Cause they might kick your doe
Now you thinking this a joke
Boy this ain't no joke
And if you talking to them pigs
I'll have Shon cut yo throat

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