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Invocation Lyrics

Fall Of Pantheon – Invocation Lyrics

I'm azrael and though you may not know me
It is written one day, I shall come for your soul
Two angels will come
In the grave they shall judge thee
Invoke my...
Invoke my...
Invoke my... Name!

Play now with fire or drown in black waters
Blind trust feeds fatal lies
And cover up in your disguise
In the end your loved ones cries
The aces of old, turning ages blank and cold

As the heavens falls
Pantheon mourns no loss
They feed this monster
- corrupting it slowly
And the cost of praising
- it's wearing us thin

For the sake of the faith
They cast away
The price they pay
All lives they'll devastate
No animal would have sought
These wars their faith has brought

Invoke my...
Invoke my...
Invoke my... Name!
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