These are the given lyrics for this song, but to my ears, most of the first verse sounds to me to be in german.

This is the story of a lonely man
Whos seen the world
From japan to afghanistan
Hey! ho!

Everybody thought that I was gone for good
But Im back - understood
Hey! ho!

Ive been through the snow and the storm
Felt the cold
No one to keep me warm
Agony and pain

Falco rides again - bang bang
I wont break
I wont bend
Falco rides again
Its me and my gang
I came back just like a boomerang
Ill fight till the end
Falco rides again
Ive been up, Ive been down
Ive been pushed around
Beated, mistreated,
Gagged and bound
Hey! ho!

Not a soul in the world thought I would survive
Took every muscle in my body to stay alive
Hey! ho!
Ill break down the walls
No more defeat
I want the taste of victory
Revenge is sweet

... rides again!
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Falco Rides Again Lyrics

Falco – Falco Rides Again Lyrics

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